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Art & Wall Hangings

My wall hangings fall into two categories for their cleaning needs: Art Quilts which are those that are too fragile for washing, and Pieced Wall Hangings.


Art Quilts are NOT washable because they are made with fragile fabrics and embellishments.   You may vacuum the dust off your item regularly with a duster attachment (NOT FULL STRENGTH SUCTION), or simple take it off the wall and give it a good shake to rid it of dust.  If it does get a spot on it, you can try sponging it off carefully with water first, then a small amount of dish soap if necessary.  I have used a pre-wash laundry spray with success.  Just wet the spot first, then spray the smallest amount of cleaning agent as possible, wait 5 minutes, and rub gently.  Rinse out the soap as thoroughly as possible.


The second type of wall hanging is washable and look exactly like a bed quilt.  It is made of three layers: top fabric pieces, batting, and backing fabric.  Remove the quilt from the hanging rod.  If the item has lace or beads attached, place the item in a zippered pillow protector (I buy these at Walmart for around $5) before washing.  Wash it in a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent, and dry at low heat or air dry on a line or a flat surface. 

Quilted Sweatshirt Jackets

Wash in cold water on a regular cycle and tumble dry or line dry.  You may iron the inside of the jacket ONLY ON THE COTTON FABRIC – THE SWEATSHIRT MAY MELT.


Linen & Cotton Shirts

All of my shirts have been pre-washed in a machine with cold water on gentle cycle and hung to dry.  Continue to wash in this manner.  You may iron with a hot iron if needed, but be careful of ironing on the lace – IT CAN MELT.

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