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In the High Tech Tucks quilt, half-inch three-dimensional tucks are pieced into a patterned background.  The background is a garden of geranium-like leaves.   I learned this technique from Caryl Bryer Fallert’s tutorial taught by a Quilt Guild member.  Each tuck is constructed with two different fabric colors.  The tucks are spaced at one-inch intervals across the quilt, and they are twisted to reveal the colors on both sides.  I choose a rainbow gradient fabric for one side of the tucks and a green Batik for the other side.  The color and the twisting of the tucks, create the illusion of movement and light across the surface of the quilt.  Because different colors are used on the left and the right side of the three-dimensional tucks, the quilt looks different when viewed from an angle.  Notice that by shifting your view of the quilt from the right or the left, you see different colors appear on the surface.  Caryl likes to call these quilts “viewers participation” art, because you (the viewer), can change the appearance of the quilt by changing your position.  It’s kind of like life: How it looks often depends on your point of view.  I finished the quilt with a two-pieced binding that adds an extra splash of color.   All materials are 100% cotton.  There is a hanging sleeve on the back for you to add a rod ( 25 inch x 3/4 inch).  This art piece measures 20 x 26 inches.  This stunning piece would make a nice addition to you art collection.

High Tech Tucks


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