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I loved making this Coneflower Quilt because I love coneflowers. 

Painting a quilt allowed my inner artist to come out and play.  I’ve always be in awe of other artists who dye or paint the fabrics that they sew into quilts.  But I’m a neat freak and never explored more than an occasional class in the fabric dying experience.  So, when I learned of fabric painting with a crayon-like tooks, I wanted to explore more.  I bought books, read articles on line, and finally borrowed a friend’s oil paint sticks to experiment at home.  At last I found a paint medium that was not too messy and gave me the results I wanted: a way to dramatically change the fabric.


Using oil paint sticks is a new experience.  Learning to mix the colors, blend them, and create the concept I was going for was a challenge.  I did a lot of experimenting and practicing.  I blended colors to create depth and shading on each petal of the coneflowers.  It was exciting to see these techniques brought the flower to life. 

I want to thank Nancy Kazlauckas for her tutorial and the coneflower pattern and my friend for letting me experiment with her Paintstixs.


Size:  32 x 39-inches.

Painted Coneflower Wall Hanging, SOLD


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