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This landscape art quilt was inspired by my years growing up in England. One of my favorite memories is riding horses with my sisters in poppy fields in summer time. The scene came to life as I layered the background with fringed muslin and upholstery fabrics for texture. I painted the landscape with appropriate colors. I stitched the trees, the fields, the sky, and the foreground of poppies and daisies. Where I wanted more texture, I allowed the bobbin thread to rise to the surface incorporating another color in the design. Look the at trees and see how the rising thread brings in a second green color. Adding swaths of poppies in the distance was done with red organza fabric. This landscape is inspired by artist Wendy Dolan.   I hope my memories have inspired a beautiful piece of art for your home. This art piece is mounted in a black wood frame.  It measures 11 x 14-inches.

Poppy Fields


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