“Moody Blues” is made by creating a tree silhouette.  I then choose a background and boarder fabrics suitable to the mood I wanted to suggest.  After attaching those, I chopped up leftover boarder fabrics into tiny pieces, sprinkled them on the quilt, and covered them with netting.  To allow this piece to remain flat and firm I decided to attach it to a stabilizer.  I then went about quilting the borders with straight-ish lines, and used zig-zag quilting to hold down the netting.  The finished edge is black wool yarn sewn with a zig-zag stitch.   The attached rings on the back allow you to hang your art piece on the wall, or you may choose to prop it on a shelf.  8.5-inches x 9.5-inches. 

Moody Blues Wall Quilt


Height: 8.5 in.  x Width: 9.5 in.